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Our B-complex fat blasting innovation

After several years of research and development in USA, our innovation team of doctors and experts created a 100% safe, secure and natural way to deal with unwanted fatty cells in the body.  

Slimming Gummies® are proven to help hundreds of thousands of obese people who have been struggling with weight loss and have no real results. Say bye-bye to belly fat and muffin tops with visible results within 30 days!

After multiple testing phases throughout our supply chain, Slimming Gummies® can be used without a prescription. Our team of experts is always at your disposal.

Clinical Study #1
Proven by globally-led clinical studies:
Fat and Weight-loss




16 Weeks

70 Overweight Individuals

Aged 21 - 45


In the clinical study, The B-complex formula in Slimming Gummies® has been tested for its effectiveness in weight loss and fat loss.

On average, most fat loss started to occur in 4 weeks and most weight loss peaks were between 8 and 12 weeks*


Average body fat loss by week 4

Significantly greater than placebo*


Average weight loss by week 8 

Significantly greater than any other weight-loss treatment on the market*

Creating evidence-based products has always been in Slimming Gummies®’s DNA. But our clinical studies took it a step further by measuring the impact and efficacy of our new technology. Most recently our clinical study was published in Journal of Nutrition — a leading, peer-reviewed journal.

Dr. Brenda D. Solorio
PHD Chief Scientific Officer (Nutritional Sciences)

The regular recommended intake of Slimming Gummies® resulted in a significant drop in weight loss over the span of 16 weeks (about 3.5 months)

The result was significantly higher than both the placebo and top competitor brand groups which is remarkable as it proves our formula to be far more effective vs. the top competitor brand on the market.

Majority of subjects in the Slimming Gummies® group experienced the highest decrease in their weight from Week 8 to 12 which shows Slimming Gummies® should be taken religiously for a longer period of time to maximize your results.

The test groups included both females and males. All subjects are overweight and have varied lifestyles.

76% of individuals from the Slimming Gummies® group noticed visible fat loss at their abdominal areas by week 4.

An interesting finding was that the majority of the subjects in this test group started to lose body fat by week 4, an average of 5% body fat loss which proves that the B-complex formula is fast acting and highly effective at melting fat cells fast. 

The result was significantly higher than the placebo which is remarkable as it proves Slimming Gummies® work effectively for individuals with a high body fat percentage.

The test group included both females and males. All subjects are overweight and have varied lifestyles.

Clinical Study #2
Proven by globally-led clinical studies
Calorie Intake and Calorie burned while resting




24 Weeks

129 Overweight Women

Aged 25 - 50


In the clinical study, The B-complex formula in Slimming Gummies® has been tested for its effectiveness in curbing hunger and sugar cravings. We tracked each subject's kilocalorie intake over 24 weeks.

On average, a significant decrease in calorie intake occurred between 8 and 16 weeks*


decrease in kcal intake by week 8

Significantly greater than any other appetite suppressant product on the market*

2x more

kcal burned by week 16 

Significantly greater than placebo*

By week 8, Slimming Gummies® group had 22% decrease in calorie intake just by taking the recommended dosage everyday.

It’s a known fact that one key aspect in weight loss is your input vs. output ratio.

If you are consuming way more calories than what you are actually burning, chances are you haven’t had much luck with your weight loss results.

To put Slimming Gummies®'s B-complex formula to the test for appetite suppressing, both test groups did not make any changes to their regular calorie intake, diet or exercise regimen.

The majority of the test subjects felt their appetite gradually decrease over the weeks and often felt full after 3 meals a day. The results shown were very positive when compared with the placebo group which stayed stagnant with their calorie intake over the test period. 

Slimming Gummies® group burned 2x more kcal than the placebo group by week 16.

Exercising helps to boost one's metabolic rate. To put Slimming Gummies® to the test, we requested the Placebo group to do a 30 min workout 3x a week while the Slimming Gummies® group did not do any intense cardio activity throughout the study.

 The results show that our B-complex formula is more effective in increasing one's metabolism compared to regular cardio exercise routines.

We studied the resting metabolic rate (RMR) of the subjects to see if our formulation helps to increase one's metabolic rate.

RMR tests were done on the subjects with gas analysis through indirect calorimetry. Indirect calorimetry calculates the heat we produce from the production of carbon dioxide and nitrogen waste or from oxygen consumption. 

Super fat burner

Visible results in 30 days

Boost metabolic rate

For effective results


Enhanced weight loss

Curbs hunger & cravings

No more late night snacking

Clinically proven weight-loss supplement to reach your body goals fast

The innovation behind Slimming Gummies® helps to effectively lose body fat FAST without any side effects or excessive dieting and exercise. These miraculous berry-flavored gummies have anti-fat compounds combined with vitamins and minerals which give you that extra boost of fat burn while providing you with the essential nutrients needed to conquer your day!

Boost your metabolism & energy

Slow metabolism? These tasty gummies are specifically formulated with our B-complex formula - containing all methylated forms of B-Vitamins for 3x faster absorption in the body. With B-complex, Slimming Gummies® burn fat effectively and result in a boost in metabolism. 

Curbs hunger and sugar cravings 

Various clinical studies have shown that Vitamin Bs are natural appetite suppressants for weight loss. Our B-complex formula works by slowing stomach emptying and delaying carb and fat absorption. This translates into decreased appetite and better blood sugar control. This helps the body feel more satiated and full hence reducing your cravings for fatty foods. Losing weight just got so much easier!

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Discover Slimming Gummies® with a peace of mind. Our team of doctors and scientists is on a mission to help you achieve your health and weight goals from start to end. 

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"tastes great and curbs my hunger"

I have been taking this for a couple of weeks now. I have noticed that my weight has dropped some without changing any habits, whether it be food or workout routine. Best sweet tooth replacement! 

Andrea B.

Age 32


This is my second bottle of these, I hope Slimming Gummies keeps making this product forever. It has helped me lose 11 kg so far! Could not be happier with my results! 

Klaudia Z.

Age 35

“yummy & gets the job done”

Love these gummies!
I will say that if you're looking for something that isn't pilled formed and wanting to lose weight this product really works!

Megan H.

Age 40

“helps burn your fat quick”

With a healthy diet and exercise, this product does wonders! I noticed my belly fat reduced in just a few weeks i will be taking these gummies longer for sure! 

Maria A.
Age 32

“Great alternative to pills”

If you are like me and HATE swallowing pills, this product is for you.

I have dropped about 3kg in 2 weeks of taking these, and I don't experience any side effects. 

Nicole B.

Age 28

“It works, I lost 9kg in 3 months!"

I used to be very insecure about my body, but not anymore! I've been taking these gummies and lots of walking... they have really helped me with my weight loss journey and i could not be happier! 

Emma S.

Age 39


Only The Good Stuff


Vitamin A is a fat-soluble nutrient that plays an important role in supporting a healthy immune system and even decreasing the risk of certain cancers.


An excellent source of Vitamins B3, B6, B7 and B12.

The B vitamins help enzymes in our bodies do their jobs and are important for a wide range of cellular functions.


Niacin is a necessary vitamin for the human body, as it is responsible for over 400 bodily functions which are mainly related to obtaining energy from the food we eat. 


One of the B complex vitamins that help the body convert food into energy. It also supports healthy hair, skin and nails to help maintain a healthy appearance.


Vitamin C is a well-known vitamin for its powerful antioxidant properties and immune system support capabilities.


Vitamin D is a fundamental vitamin for healthy bones and skin, and also  influences cell growth and immune function, keeping inflammation in check.


This vitamin is yet another antioxidant that helps detoxify the body from the radicals while also promoting heart health.


Vitamin K1 can be considered a super vitamin, as it helps promote overall health in our bodies, like bone health, heart function as well as healthy blood clotting which prevents things like nosebleeds or easy bruising.


Zinc has been proven effective in increasing immunity, supporting a healthy digestive system, assisting with hair tissue growth and repair, and fighting hormonal acne and eczema.


Taking care of thyroid health and immune function, iodine is an important chemical to have in our body as it is responsible for efficient metabolic function, which in turn helps you lose weight!